Sample Collection, Preparation and Shipment

laboratory technician holding a blood tube test

Click here for the Hepcidin Sample Collection and Shipping Checklist

Sample Collection:

  • Use serum or Li-Heparin tubes to collect sufficient volume to yield 0.5 ml of serum or plasma or 0.25 ml for pediatric samples.
  • Collect the sample from a fasting patient, a first morning fast (for 8-12 hours) is preferable, but not required.  If possible avoid iron rich meals (e.g. red meat, certain green vegetables).
  • Label the sample tube with the patient’s last name, first name, date of birth, and the date and time of collection. Record the initials of the phlebotomist who collected the sample. This information must also be included on the Laboratory Requisition Form.

Sample Preparation:

Please refer to your specific blood collection tube manufacturers “Instructions For Use” with regard to sample collection and preparation.

Sample Shipment:

    • Please note, IntrinsicDx does not accept sample shipments on weekends or federal holidays.  If unsure, please call 844-779-7744 or email to confirm.
    • Transfer 0.5 ml of serum or Li-Heparin plasma into an appropriately labeled, freezer safe, polypropylene transport tube, preferably with a screw cap. Do not use polystyrene tubes.
    • Place the sample into a specimen transport bag. Place the requisition form in the outer pocket to separate it from the sample and to protect it from moisture during shipment.
    • Ship samples the same day for overnight delivery (ship only Monday through Thursday). Include frozen cold packs to help maintain sample integrity.
    • If unable to ship the sample the same day it was collected, freeze the sample(s) at -20°C until shipment.  Always include frozen cold packs to help maintain sample integrity.
    • Prior to shipping the sample, please fax or email the completed Laboratory Requisition Form, the Client Registration Form (for new clients) and the sample tracking number to 858-459-7777 or

Ship To:

505 Coast Boulevard South
Suite 408
La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel: 858-459-7788

Rejection Criteria:

  • Grossly hemolyzed, icteric or lipemic specimens.
  • Sample(s) with less than 0.5 ml volume (or 0.25 ml volume if from a pediatric patient).
  • Sample(s) received warm to the touch, as frozen whole blood, or damaged during transport.
  • Sample(s) identification does not match the Laboratory Requisition Form with at least two unique identifiers.