How does a Hepcidin test help me manage my Iron?

By adding the Hepcidin test, your doctor can expedite the most effective treatment and raise your iron levels to manage your anemia.

  • If hepcidin is low:
    • Iron pills are inexpensive and will likely be effective.
    • Intravenous (IV) iron is costly and may not be necessary.
  • If hepcidin is high:
    • Iron pills are unlikely to help.
    • IV iron will likely be needed.
    • Knowing hepcidin result early prevents wasting important time.

If your doctor does not order hepcidin testing, they may recommend taking iron pills to combat your iron deficiency. But wouldn’t you like to know if they will be effective before the months long treatment plan? Or they may recommend intravenous iron infusions. But wouldn’t you like to know if taking iron pills, a cheaper alternative, will be effective? Hepcidin can give you those answers.