Intrinsic Erythroferrone IDx™ Test Specifications

PLEASE NOTE: Presently the Intrinsic Erythroferrone IDx™ Test does not have a CPT code and is not covered by insurance. Thus the cost of the Intrinsic Erythroferrone IDx Test will be billed directly to the patient or institution.

Methodology – The Intrinsic Erythroferrone IDx Test is a double monoclonal antibody based sandwich ELISA, performed in a 96 microwell plate. The test is performed at IntrinsicDx, our CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical laboratory.

Performance Characteristics

SpecificityHuman Erythroferrone
Cross ReactivityNo Cross-reactivity observed with erythroferrone from other species (mouse) or structurally similar peptides
AccuracySlope = 2.09 R = 0.99
Intra-Assay Precision (CV)7% (0.87 ng/ml); 3% (4.10 ng/ml); 4% (7.93 ng/ml)
Between Day Precision (CV)19% (0.87 ng/ml); 9% (4.10 ng/ml); 7% (7.93 ng/ml)
Lower Limit of Detection (LLOD)0.08 ng/ml
Analytical Measurement Range (AMR)0.25 - 90.00 ng/ml (extended: 0.25 – 180.00 ng/ml)
Erythroferrone Stability-80°C: 1 year. 4°C: 72 hours. Room Temperature: 24 hours.
Erythroferrone Freeze Thaw StabilityStable to 4 freeze thaw cycles
Matrix InterferenceInterference observed from EDTA and Li-Heparin