Intrinsically SUPERIOR

IntrinsicDx by Intrinsic LifeSciences. We are the leading provider of innovative in vitro diagnostics to help healthcare providers diagnose and manage iron deficiency anemias, iron overload diseases, and metabolic inflammatory diseases.

IntrinsicDx, the CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical laboratory of Intrinsic LifeSciences, is the exclusive provider of the Intrinsic Hepcidin IDxTM Test.

PLEASE NOTE: Presently the Intrinsic Hepcidin IDxTM Test does not have a CPT code and is not covered by insurance.  Thus the cost of the Intrinsic Hepcidin IDxTM Test will be billed directly to the patient or institution.  We are working to have the cost of the Intrinsic Hepcidin IDxTM Test covered by all major insurance providers.

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